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Biography of Hugh McInnish

Hugh McInnish

HUGH MCINNISH WAS BORN IN 1934 in Union Springs, Alabama (pop circa 3,500 in 1930, 1960, and now) and grew up there. He has a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Alabama and a Master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

He has lived in the Huntsville area since 1964, where he worked for the Army in the Star Wars and other defense programs. He retired in 1993.

Hugh is a lifelong and strongly committed conservative. He has twice been a candidate for Congress, coming within 23 votes of winning the Republican nomination on one of those occasions. Together with three colleagues he is now opening this conservative web site, named SuppressedNews.com, with the motto "We publish what others suppress."

For a number of years Hugh wrote a weekly column for the old Huntsville News, and from one of the stories that he pursued came the book which he wrote, An American in Exile. Written under Hugh's pen name of Thomas Franklin, it is the tale of Arthur Rudolph, the former NASA scientist who was stripped of his citizenship and banished from the country for war crimes allegedly committed during the war.

Hugh's wife Martha is a graduate of Judson College, and is a teacher and school counselor. Together they have four children and three grandchildren.


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