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Hugh McInnish

Alabama is not an island, and in thinking of what I wish for Alabama in the next millennium it is important to remember that. Geologically we're firmly anchored to the North American continent, and politically we are a part of what is known as the United States of America. What Alabama is, affects the whole country, and what the country as a whole
is certainly affects us. What I want to see in Alabama in the next millennium, then, is the same as what I want to see in the nation. And that is this: I want to see an all-out war waged, a successful war, to preserve Western Civilization. Let me tell you, to use the vernacular, "where I'm coming from."

Let's do a 20-second review of our history: Civilization apparently sprang up a few thousand years ago in Mesopotamia. This is where the oldest written records are found. Later came the Egyptians who built the fantastic pyramids that tourists still visit today, invented geometry, advanced agriculture, and developed methods of government and commercial administration. The Greeks abstracted and idealized geometry, produced the first great philosophers, gave us democracy, both the word and the idea, and developed unsurpassed works of literature and art. The Romans conquered the known world, developed marvels of engineering, gave us our alphabet, and codified a set of civil laws whose influence lingers in our judicial system today. You don't need Paul Harvey to tell you the rest of the story. The Empire fell, the Dark Ages ensued, the Renaissance came, England flourished and spread the Western legacy to America, where political and religious freedom and respect for the individual have been raised to new heights.

That brings us up to today. That's how you and I got here. Today you and I are living under a very rare and precious blessing. We are in the greatest country and greatest civilization that has ever existed through all the thousands of torturous years that it has taken mankind to climb to the heights which we now inhabit. Almost all the billions of humans who have ever inhabited this planet have lived short, miserable lives. Those of us who enjoy the fruits of Western Civilization are a minuscule fraction of these billions.

Now I want to pose a very important rhetorical question: Would it be all right with you if we did away with Western Civilization? Would it suit you if we replaced it with the ignorance, illiteracy, illegitimacy, political tyranny, poverty, and crime that generally prevail in countries outside Western Civilization? Would I be presumptuous if I assumed that your answer were a loud and unequivocal "no"? Who in his right mind would want to destroy all that we hold dear? If ever there were an attack that threatened to destroy our civilization we would all resist with all our might. Wouldn't we?

Well, no, apparently not-- because we are under such an attack right now and practically no one is even commenting on it. Except me, that is. I am going to comment on it today, and I hope in quite clear terms.

Let me begin by explaining the weapons being used against us. They are not guns and bombs, but far more subtle weapons, which are no less lethal. Here is what they are:

1. Relativism
2. Multiculturalism
3. Multilingualism
4. Diversity
5. Immigration

The first four of these are closely related. The doctrine of relativism holds that nothing is absolute, nothing is either good or bad, but that everything is a matter of opinion, that everything is relative. It follows from this that each culture is every bit as good as any other, and that our American culture, that is, our model of Western Civilization, has no particular claim to fame. That being true it makes no sense whatever to spend time trying to maintain it. Furthermore, only a narrow- minded, uninformed person would waste time with such a thing.

In fact we should actively promote, not American culture, but something called "multiculturalism," a society with numerous cultures, and its cousin multilingualism, a place in which everybody speaks his own language. Both of these are clearly desirable, our attackers say, because they promote diversity, and everybody knows-- as we so often have been told-- that "there is strength in diversity."

With these weapons the battlefield has been prepared, and the main offensive can be launched. Unfortunately it has already started, and it is coming in wave after wave of immigrants-- both legal and illegal-- from the Third World. These invaders are stepping onto our shores unchallenged. And why should they be? What difference does it make if they have no respect for Western culture, or if they speak a language different from ours? Since everything is relative we should not be concerned if these foreign hordes swamp our culture and replace it with one or more Third World cultures. Besides, their presence here will only make us stronger since it will increase our diversity.

Unfortunately, all of this, every last jot an tittle of it, is horribly, horribly wrong. And unless these absurd ideas are crushed an enormous catastrophe, the likes of which has not been seen since the Dark Ages, awaits us all. The greatest civilization that has ever flourished on this planet will be swept away.

Now, let's forget for a moment the propaganda and the socio-psychobabble
that so fills the air these days, and look at the stark, indisputable facts:

Diversity is not a strength, it's a challenge-- and a frequently insurmountable one. If diversity were a strength the Balkans would be a bulwark of social and political stability. There are, I believe, five languages spoken in that area and of course there is a mixture of Christians and Muslims. You see the fruits of this diversity on your TV screens each evening. But there is no need to look so far. Just look to our neighbor to the north. Canada has been on the verge of dissolution because one province, Quebec, speaks French and they can't get along with the rest of the country, which speaks English. Look anywhere in the world you will. You will see that diversity brings problems and weakness, not strength.

I've done a quick mental calculation, and I see that at mid century in the coming millennium you students will be almost exactly as old as I am now. I remember clearly when I was where you are: the spring of the year I was in the tenth grade, that was when I had to sit on the front row so that I could prop up my leg, the one that I had broken in spring training. My point is that the day when you will be standing in my shoes will come sooner that you imagine-- and coincidentally-- at that time, the year 2050, we will be at the point where the demographers tell us that white Americans will be in the minority, that is, the point at which Third World immigration will have swamped our culture.

This great country, this magnificent heir to all the blessings and treasures of Western civilization that have been wrought in the grief and toil of the preceding millennia, and which have been bequeathed to us as a priceless gift, will be no more. We Americans are the keystone of civilization, and if we sink into the cultural abyss the world sinks with us.

It's up to you, my young friends, to do something. If you're interested in saving your country you must do something. Here is what I suggest:

You must first acknowledge the existence of the problem, since no problem thought to be non-existent can ever be solved. This may be difficult for you because you will be breaking a taboo. It's not politically correct, you know, to talk about these things, and some people may not like you if you do. They may even call you names. But if this happens I would ask you to keep in mind the heroic example of Galileo. Galileo insisted that the Earth revolved around the Sun and got into enormous trouble for it, but today, because he openly spoke the truth he is revered as one of the most important scientists in history. It is said that a certain bishop refused to look into Galileo's telescope for fear of what he would see. I urge you not to recoil from the truth. But you don't need a telescope to see this problem because it is right here before you. Just look with your unaided eyes and it will be plainly visible. Once you have seen the problem I think that you will know what to do.

Understanding the difficulties that diversity creates, resist any effort to make this a multilingual country. Personally I like foreign languages, and I speak a fair amount of German. I wish I could speak more-- more German and more other languages. And I urge you to learn one or more foreign languages. But you should insist that, whatever other languages people may speak, if they want to call themselves Americans one of those languages must be English. Do not allow another language to achieve a competitive status with English. If you do the country will inevitable be split along language lines.

Language and culture are closely related, and what I have said about the one applies equally to the other. Resist the fraud of so-called multiculturalism. Don't believe the multiculturalists, who resort to the doctrine of relativism and tell you that one culture is as good as another. It is not. There is no foreign culture that can come close in comparison to ours. Understand that, don't be afraid to say it, and reject every attempt to replace, or even dilute, our culture with another. There must be exactly one culture in this country, namely the culture of Western Civilization as it has evolve here in America.

Finally, this brings us to the step that is the most important of all. If you are going to save our culture, and our Western Civilization, you have got to defeat the assault of Third World immigration. Our attackers present the soon-to-be dominance in America of the Third World as a fait accompli. This is an old trick, much used by our attackers. Convince your opponent that you have already won the battle, that his cause is hopeless, and maybe he won't bother to fight against the inevitable.

Our cause is not hopeless. We don't have to accept the invasion of the Third World and surrender our culture to them. We can stop the onslaught through a change in our immigration laws. Since 1965 these laws have discriminated against Europeans in favor of Third World populations. The laws have allowed very few immigrants from countries with our traditional Western culture, but hordes of non-westerners. You must radically change this law. Third World immigration must be stopped and, in order to restore the imbalance that has already occurred, immigration from the West resumed.

This last is the most important part of it all. It's just about this simple: Stop Third World immigration and you save Western civilization. Fail to halt this invasion and you can expect to live, when you're my age, in a third World country yourself, namely the United States.

I know that some of these words I have offered you here today probably seem strong. But they're like medicine. They may not taste good but they're good for you. I hope that you will heed them.

Thank you.


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