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We Feel Good
by Jim Jackson

We've just witnessed two political conventions. Both of them were full of diversity and good feelings. Inclusiveness was the order of the day. The Democrats actually set quotas to make sure.

The platform upon which each of the political parties supposedly stands was hardly mentioned. In fact, for the most part, the platform was carefully avoided -- no controversy.

The obvious theme this year is "feel good." The world is at peace, the economy is great, and motherhood and apple pie are the orders of the day.

But, what about those things that we are not supposed to talk about?

Our constitutional freedoms are being systematically eroded. The rule of law is being administered on a whim. Free speech is being legislated away. Racial preferences are stronger today than they were before the 60s racial revolution, and race relations are worsening.

The culture that built this great country is being stigmatized. English is fading as the preferred language, a significant step in the process of changing a culture.

Our values are being eroded in favor of "whatever makes you feel good." Religion is being "rubbed out" of our daily lives. The historic family of four is fading -- marriage is becoming passe, single -parent households are prevalent, and women are having multiple children with different fathers. We have a president who is a moral degenerate, and nobody seems to care.

We are heavily into victimhood. Everyone but the white western European male is a victim. It doesn't matter that he's the one who built the country and saved the world in two world wars. We've built monuments for everybody except World War II veterans.

Equal right and opportunities have come to mean guaranteed equal outcomes.

Our public school system has been turned into a "social engineering" tool. Our students are being "dumbed down" to accommodate the lowest common denominator. Our government decrees that disruptive students be given free rein to degrade the learning of the other children.

Our politicians fight with each other to see which one will promise the take the most from the productive people to give to the non-productive people. Once elected, they waste little time before developing a cadre of special interests that generally come before the interests of their constituency.

The government is taking 40 percent of our income for taxes. The children of working parents are being raised by strangers -- mothers have to work and fathers have to work two jobs. In the meantime, welfare mothers (no fathers around) get to stay home with their children.

The re-distribution of income by our government has become so commonplace that little recognition is given to the fact that this is actually stealing from one person to give to another person -- an unconstitutional act for everybody except our government.

Social programs are everywhere to tell us how to live. Families are being threatened by heavy-handed government social organizations.

Class warfare has become the weapon of choice. We are being conditioned to believe that rich people are the enemy -- a true Marxist principle. We don't seem to understand that they are the ones that create the jobs that have built this great economy. We've lost sight of a simply fact -- poor people don't create jobs.

We are turning our citizens away from our national parks. We seem to care more about trees and animals than humans.

Our military is riddled with social engineering and starved for "purpose." Our forces in Haiti spend most of their time on garbage duty.We can use our military to fight fires in the west, but can't, or won't, use them to protect our borders.

Immigration policies are threatening our society. For the most part, immigrants come from third world countries, not to contribute but to take. All of them insist on retaining their own culture, a sure prescription for balkanization of the country. Illegal immigrants are flooding the country, with little resistance from the government. It is predicted that within less than ten years California will have been taken over by immigrants mostly from Mexico, many of whom openly vow to return it to Mexico.

The media has been centralized so as to disperse one view. Most of Hollywood now centers around educating the public to accept different life-styles as opposed to entertaining. Our newspapers allocate opinion columns based on conformity.We don't seem to have learned anything from the Hitler/Goebbels Handbook on destroying freedoms.

Our government has become an employment agency, spending our money on one social program after another, never looking back to see if any of them are working. Forty million of our citizens are firmly embedded in the "welfare state," with no prospects for improvement.

We have lost the respect of everyone in the world. We are considered an impotent patsy by even third world countries. Although we try real hard we can't even buy respect.

But, what the heck, we feel good.


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