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Equality Over Freedom
by Jim Jackson

One of the most basic principles upon which this country was built is the tenet of individual responsibility and freedom from government interference. Hard work and the premise that following this principle could lead to success used to be a strong incentive for those who wanted to succeed.

We are now in the process of destroying this most basic principle in favor of a new principle that demeans success and encourages dependency on government. Both of our major political parties are contributing to this folly, but the demagogues of the Democratic Party have adopted it as their ³weapon of choice² in their march to dominate the country by offering security and equality in place of freedom.

Although there is ample evidence that this philosophy does not produce a strong vibrant country, there seems to be a lot of support for it, particularly among seniors and minorities. There seems to be little recognition that the price of security and equality is the loss of freedom.The American philosopher, Eric Hoffer, says it this way: ³Where freedom is real, equality is the passion of the masses. Where equality is real, freedom is the passion of a small minority.²

At their recent convention, the Democrats expressed the philosophy of security and equality versus freedom by establishing quotas for their representation. Even the decision as to who would represent them was made by the party. Vice Pres. Al Gore then became the ultimate demagogue. In his speech, he raised the power of ³big brother² to new heights. He promised almost everybody in the country equality and a ³free ride² except those who produce the wealth which he promises to give away. And, in addition, he went so far as to promise to bring down those who produce the wealth. He doesn¹t bother to explain how he will continue to provide for the ³have-nots² (he calls them the ³working people²) after he has destroyed those who produce the wealth.

It is not hard to imagine what will happen if he is successful -- one only has to look at what is happening in a small country in Africa -- Zimbabwe.

Some hundred years ago, the English established a colonial empire in Africa. Zimbabwe, then called Rhodesia, was a shining light in that empire -- prosperous and enlightened. Some 25 years ago, as the world, led by the United Nations, pressed for more equality around the world, the British pulled out and turned the country over to the locals.

The locals, headed by Robert Mugabe, promised equality and security for everyone. As happens most of the time in Africa, Mr. Mugabe turned into a dictator, and started stealing the people¹s money, and taking the land away from rightful owners and distributing it to the people. In just 25 years, he has turned the country into an economic cesspool. And worst of all, he is now in the process of destroying, including actually murdering, the only producers of the country¹s wealth, the remaining British farmers.

In just a few more years, the country of Zimbabwe will be a country of equals, but nothing else. No doubt, Mr. Mugabe will join other former African leaders in Paris where many of them live in splendor. The country will complete the process of reverting to tribal rule, and its citizens will again live in ³equal² abject poverty -- so much for equality over freedom.

Hopefully, Mr. Gore will not be elected in November, and the United States will not be put through such a degrading process. And, hopefully, Mr. Bush can convince the country of the value of freedom over equality. And, also hopefully, those among us who think equality is better than freedom will wake up in time.

If not, the United States will join the countries of Western Europe in a degrading spiral that will end only when the ³have-nots² have destroyed the ³haves², and everybody is equal -- equally poor, and dominated by a protective government that has become oppressive.

The price of equality is just too high.


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