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Another Clinton Offense
by Jim Jackson

This is really unbelievable. Things get quiet, and you think you have heard the last of the Clintonıs outrageous political bias and their use of the peopleıs government for their own personal use. Then along comes an even more outrageous episode. This was reported by Atlanta talk show host, Neil Boortz. We all know that Pres. Clinton released some of the oil from our strategic reserve supposedly to reduce oil prices, primarily to help the people in the Northeast with their winter heating bills. It is inconceivable that he would use these reserves for this purpose; they are supposed to be used to protect the country in the event foreign oil supplies are cut off. It is particularly insulting to the American people when this is done for political reasons, i.e., apparently to help get Hilliary elected in the New York senate race. And, it is even more insulting, in fact down right tacky, to find out that one-third of the 30 million barrels is being allocated to three little-known companies who have the option to sell the oil outside of the United States if they can get a better price.

It becomes another impeachable offense when you find out that one of the companies is owned by Lance Stroud of New York City. Mr. Stroud owns Lance Stroud Enterprises, he is the only employee, he has no experience in the oil business and the company operates out of his motherıs Harlem, New York apartment where he lives. Mr. Stroud receives 4 million barrels of crude oil, which he can sell at a profit of $ 3 - $4 per barrel - thatıs a profit of $ 12 - $ 16 million. He will never actually see the oils - it is a paper transaction, and thereıs little likelihood that the people in the Northeast will ever benefit from it. It gets worse. Burhany Enterprises will receive 3 million barrels. Ronald Peek is the sole employee, and he has never done an oil deal. Euell Energy Resources has 12 employees, and claims to be an ³integrated energy company² although it is unknown in oil circles. This latter company lists Jesse Jackson as one of the companyıs guiding lights. Euell is a member of Jacksonıs Rainbow-Push coalition. This is one of those actions that is so bad that you would expect even the Clinton-loving liberal media to react negatively toward them. Not a word. And, theyıre not biased?


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