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Immigration News

NY Governor Spitzer: Not Gone YetóBut Going?
The saga of New York Governor Eliot Spitzerís vigorous, and ultimately failed, effort to get driverís licenses into illegal aliensí hands. Spitzer was completely routed by a massive citizen uprising led by the county clerks and other outraged state employees.

Tougher Employer Laws Forcing Illegals to Pack Up And Leave Arizona
An obvious answer to the illegal immigration invasion.

Thompson Says Enforce Immigration Laws
Finally, a presidential candidate who will stop the invasion.

The Incredible Disappearing Border Fence
To hell with the American people, let the invasion continue.

NY Governor Said to Abandon License Plan
Finally, the politicians are beginning to listen to the people with respect to illegal aliens.

Dream Act Blocked by Split Senate
Thanks Sen. Jeff Sessions for your leadership in blocking another Amnesty Bill.

Illegal Flow of Cubans to The US on The Rise
Another part of the invasion -- South Florida is already a Cuban State.

Illegal Alien Welfare Costs Exceed $35 million
And, the invasion rolls on.

America Under Invasion -- By Mexican Trucks
There seems to be no end to the Mexican invasion. US sovereignty is at stake.

America Under Invasion -- By Mexican Trucks
There seems to be no end to the Mexican invasion. US sovereignty is at stake.

Giuliani: Illegal Immigration No Crime
This man supports the invasion of this country by third world illegal immigrants -- he set up a 'sanctuary city' in New York. He should not be our president.

Illegal Aliens Declare War on The United States
Wakeup America -- you're losing your country to third world peasants.

Border Patrol Chief Rejects Mission Against Aliens, Drugs
This is unbelievable. Is it possible that this guy represents our homeland security team?

Diversity Is Our Destruction
Buchanan: Putnam's implications are ominous. For we are talking here about nothing less than the survival of our country.

Guard Troops Pulled Back From Border
Pres. Bush is determined to turn this country over to third world people.


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