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Writing for Suppressed News

We know how it is. Most readers of Suppressed News are the kinds of good people who feel passionately about God, family and country. Moreover, they yearn to salve the frustration of their voicelessness. Suppressed News might be able to help. If you have something that you think needs saying, send it to us. You don't have to be a Hemingway. There is a good chance that your writing will be placed in our "Readers Write" column and that you will have the pleasure of seeing your name in print. We of course do have a few rules, just about the ones that you would expect. Read them carefully below, and if you accept them then click at the bottom of this page to move on to the sign-up page.

"Readers Write" Rules

  1. Submit only your own original work. Do not use copyrighted material--text, artwork, or photographs--unless you have permission. Short quotes from copyrighted material may be used if you credit the source.
  2. Use no profanity or racial, ethnic, or religious slurs, and do not resort to name-calling. Leave that to the liberals.
  3. Don't waste time reiterating the liberal material found in the mainstream media. However we don't object to criticism of conservatives when that has a logical basis.
  4. Give us copy that is as clean as you can make it. Care with spelling, grammar, and logical structure will increase your chances of acceptance, as will a piece that is not overly long.
  5. Accuracy is vitally important. Be sure to double check your facts.
  6. We cannot promise to publish any article beforehand. Also, we may make minor editorial changes to copy submitted before publishing it.

I agree to abide by the rules, sign me up!


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