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SUPPRESSEDNEWS.com, LIBERAL CRITICS POINT OUT, SUFFERS from an outrageous lack of diversity. It is the brainchild of four associates residing within a tight geographic radius of Huntsville, Alabama. Each is white, male, and Christian. Worse, each worked, or still works, in the military-industrial complex, striving to make stronger Bill Clinton's hated military. Worse still, each is politically conservative, and is a Republican. But the very worst of it all is that they may even be open to the charge of being members of the dreaded "right wing" of the Party.

Jim Jackson is a retired engineer and manager who worked for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. Hugh McInnish is a retired engineer and analyst who worked for the US Army in Star Wars and other programs. Jack Miller is a communications specialist who toils through the day and the night keeping Uncle Sam's high-tech electronic devices humming smoothly--and free from prying eyes and ears. Finally, Brad Taylor an engineer for a major defense contractor who analyzes and designs defense systems.

Alas! Can there be any hope, any hope at all, that anything good can come from such unconscionable homogeneity? There may be a little. There is one thin reed to which in their defense the four might cling. The group is comprised of two young smarties and two old wises, the young smarties straining at the leash with vigor and enthusiasm, the old wises exhibiting their bruises and scars as reminders of the virtues of prudence. (The order in which they are mentioned above is alphabetical and, incidentally, chronological in descending order.)

Ironically it was out of a concern for diversity that the associates formed SuppressedNews.com. "The popular news media bray continuously about the glories of diversity," they say, "yet the media themselves are the most non-diverse conglomerate in the country. To consult one popular source is to consult them all. Most large daily newspapers, for instance, are just glorified telecommunications terminals automatically printing what is relayed to them from the orthodox opinion makers in New York and Washington. There is virtually no independence, they are single-mindedly liberal: anti-white, anti-male, and anti-Christian. Our concern is that, because of this, most readers miss so much that is important in the daily happenings of the world, both locally and across the country, and both with respect to facts and to opinion. We have no delusions about single-handedly overcoming the torrential propaganda poring down upon us, but we hope to provide a small light in the midst of the storm, and to cast that light hither and yon into the dark places that need seeing to."

They add, "We invite the public, especially genuine lovers of diversity, to help us in our endeavor, through their visits to our web site, their comments, and their suggestions."

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