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Alabama News

Alabama Dept. Of Education To Take Over Birmingham Schools
What the locals have done to their school system.

Shots Fired Into The Davidson Center At The Space & Rocket Center
Could this be retaliation for the Trayvon Martin shooting?

The Facts About Public Charter Schools
"Passing a strong public charter school bill will prove that Republican legislators can ignore the pressure of the AEA and allow Alabama students the opportunity to expect success, rather than settle for failure."

Cashing In: Auburn Coaches Earn Big Raises From National Title Season
The importance of sports over education is a disgrace-- Auburn's President earns $700,000, the head coach's salary is $3.5 million, five times the salary of the President.

A Collaborative Effort
Trying to help save the Huntsville schools.

Letter To The Editor
An appointed school board will do a better job of running the school system in Huntsville, AL than the present elected board.

Griffith Scrambles To Save GOP Bid
A political "turncoat" not well received in Alabama.

Time: Best Campaign Ad Ever
   A SuppressedNews QuickTake

by SuppressedNews

Parker Griffith In Trouble
You cannot trust a turncoat.

Davis Hits Party Wall In Alabama
"As he embarks on his bid to become the first African-American governor of a Deep South state since Reconstruction, Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.) is meeting stiff resistance from an unlikely source: key members of Alabama’s Democratic establishment."

Dowdell's Actions Garner Disapproval
The basic question here is - why wasn't this thief arrested for stealing somebody's private property? He's not just a loud-mouth racist, he's a thief.

Mayor Tommy Battle says no change for scattered public housing plan
Mayor Battle approves moving public housing into nice neighborhoods in SE Huntsville, but,said "I wouldn't like it at my house." What a 'toad'!

Violence Focus Of Selma Vigil
One day a march to celebrate the civil rights movement, another day a march to try to save the city from self destruction.

Enrollment Below 300 At 19 Birmingham Schools, More Closings Possible
Further deterioration in a once properous city.

Easier Diploma On Track In State
Alabama's State Supt. of Education, Joe Morton, ought to be expelled. One week he proposes that all children be placed in an Advanced Diploma track, and the next week he says the children don't have tp pass science and social studies to get a diploma. In the same newspaper, high-tech firms are bemoaning the lack of skilled workers, particularly in computer science. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!


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